Friday, 13 December 2013

urban decay naked 2 review

I got on the naked bandwagon very late! I've never owned eyeshadow that cost so much! Luckily my lovely brother gave me the money for it for my birthday at the end of November. 

I've never experienced eye shadow with such amazing colour pay off or eye shadow that lasts all day and actually looks more beautiful the longer it's on and really settles on your skin. This palette is beautiful and you can create lots of great looks from day to night. 

The brush that comes with it is actually pretty good, I do slightly prefer real techniques but I am more then happy using it because it's fantastic quality I'm just used to real techniques now.

My favourites are half baked, chopper, snakebite, suspect and ydk - clearly I love a bit of shimmer! But personally I think the colour pay off and wear time is the best. You can't go wrong with this palette it will transform your eye makeup routine! 

I wanted to write this review now as I preordered naked 3 and that should be with me early next week! I love rose gold so I'm excited to get experimenting 

So that's my two pence worth! Enjoy your weekend guys! I have my Christmas works do tomorrow so obviously naked 2 will be used! 
- Amy x

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Miss Louise said...

I'm hoping that I'll get the Naked 3 palette for christmas! I was also late to jump on the naked palette bandwagon :)