Monday, 2 December 2013

THANKYOU!! 100 followers

I'm so pleased! I just got a email from bloglovin saying I'd reached 100 followers YAY! and I've reached over 4000 page views!

At the beginning I didn't blog as much as I would of liked to but over the last couple of months I've really tried to blog regularly and read and follow other bloggers constantly. I love feeling part of a community and it's really great that 100 people have decided to follow me! This is just the beginning and I hope to grow my little blog more and more and eventually have the confidence to attend events ect but blogging has so far been a wonderful experience and for 100 people to bother to click on the follow button is just lovely!

Previously I said when i reached 100 followers I was going to do a giveaway! so please keep your eyes pealed for that post that will be coming up soon! once i decide on the prize and how to work one of those raffle-copter?! things.

Thanks again guys It means the world! - Amy x

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