Monday, 30 December 2013

My Christmas Day - food, presents and cooking (picture heavy post)

I REALLY hope all you lovely people had an amazing christmas! it's always over too soon which makes me kinda day but i'm looking forward to the new year! I'm a little late i guess with this post but as i work in retail i've been so busy with work and trying to enjoy the little time off i had! so blogging has been slow but i wanted to get this up as soon as possible, at least before January aha so it's still within the 12 days of christmas! i have a pic of my presents too but i'm not bragging i'm just nosey and love reading what other people got and i know other people love those kinds of posts too so if you don't just ignore that picture and enjoy the pictures of the amazing food i had!!

decoration on the tree to remember my beautiful cousin whom sadly passed away in 2008.
my make-up look for meeting my parents at the hotel on christmas eve to which we didn't get to because of the bloody flood!
all out glitter christmas nails!
me texting my mum to say garry lives! (my car, got the name from an only fools and horses episode)

champagne on arrival when we finally got to the hotel on christmas day as loads of roads were closed! (i didn't drink as i was driving my mum had it so don't worry!)
awesome gingerbread house at the hotel
my yummy crab, crayfish and caviar starter - never had caviar before it was all amazinggggg, my brother paid for my mum, dad, twin, him and me obviously to have christmas dinner at this two rosette restaurant in a hotel - they stayed christmas eve and christmas day but my twin and i didn't as we saw other family on christmas day. 
bucksfizz sorbet yum yum
my sebas and salmon main - not traditional at all but i don't really like roast dinners or turkey ect i prefer much fresher food so i was super happy with my choice as it tasted amazing, the rest of my family has roast beef or turkey
for dessert i had a baileys cheesecake - so good!
cracker joke and fact
my presents: grumpy cat calendar, q&a a day book for 5 years, one line a day diary, what did i buy today diary - so happy with all the books as i wanted to get on top of my spending and start diaries so i can remember all i'm doing especially as i'll be graduating uni next year! obligatory socks, tropicoral benefit set with a high beam, chacha tint luxury samples, coralista lip gloss sample and coralista blush - it is a beautiful set! i also got a lake sunset yankee candle, an eco tools fan brush, m&s hand and nail cream, newlook and boots vouchers, mac lipstick in syrup, mac eyeshadow in cranberry and a lush santas lip scrub
onto boxing day, well i actually made these on christmas day eve because i wouldn't of had enough time on boxing day, on the left is a cinnamon and apple crumble and on the right is a layered salmon terrine, i didn't take any 'done' pictures in the end as i was so busy serving!
This was a recipe i got from tom kerridge, i love his style of food! it's lamb shoulder with boulangere potatoes recipe here!
boxing day table, the holly wreath was £1 from cargo, i used wrapping paper for the table cloth - a tip i got from the ideal home show at christmas from laurence llewelyn bowen.
and finally getting to lay down, relax and watch the little mermaid with my new now tv box!

I had such a lovely few days, i hope you guys did too! and check back soon for my HUGE sale haul post! i went a bit cray cray! - Amy x

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