Tuesday, 24 December 2013


So! it's gunna be christmas in less than an hour! so i wanted to reflect on the year as tonight i went through a flood and my car is well f****d so! but i was with my twin-sister and it made me realise that i am so lucky to have the family that i do and even though i'm pretty sure my car is f****d, well it did start after a while but the rescue guy said not to try and drive it because it could damage it more so i dunno maybe when it dries out it will be okay like the old mobile phone and rice trick HAH.

ANYWAYS! i'm the sort of that freaks out and breaks down when anything like that goes wrong like my car is everything yano so i was so thankful my sister was there and we had a little cry together and a laugh haha and i just thought hey we are both fine, it could of been way worse and we got, eventually, back home safe with the help of a lovely recovery truck driver! i cannot rate rescuemycar.com highly enough, we didn't have to wait long at all, max an hour, maybe 40 mins tops which is pretty amazing cause i think i paid £30 for the year, there was a £40 excess but at the end of the day normally getting towed costs A LOT more so i'm really glad i had cover!

At the beginning of the year i broke my ankle and my mum was literally my rock, it took a good 3 months so feel like i was back to some normality and a lot of hard work to catch up at uni but my family and especially my mum were there the whole way. My sister and dad have helped me with money this year and my brother has tried bless him to get me going somewhere with my golfing skills! my cousin had her new little baby boy and my whole family feels that much closer, yes there's issues but i feel like it's all getting better and i couldn't love my family anymore than i do, they are my everything not a car or the next beauty craze ect.

this has turned into a sop fest sorry guys! so anyways the moral is that it isn't about what you have, it can be replaced, it's about the people in your life you love the most.

Merry Christmas you lovely lovely people!

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