Thursday, 5 December 2013

I'll be backkkkkkkkkkkk MONDAY!

So I have a deadline on monday for uni, a really important one! so I'm going to have to take a break from blogging until monday eve and on monday eve i will catch up with my britishbloggerselection posts as well! Three/Four days doesnt seem long but i basically blog everyday and I'm gunna feel like I've lost an arm or something but uni work has to come first and if i don't tell you guys I'll just procrastinate and write a post anyways!! SO that's why I've told you! so I'll be backkkkkkkkkkkkkk on MONDAY EVE! and I'll just leave you with a nice inspirational picture :). How many times can you say monday in one post?! jeez
- Amy x


Jasmine said...

GGGAAAAAHHHHHHH! Good luck. I handed in Independent Study on Friday as I can't make Monday. Phew. A relief.
Love from Jasmine @

Amy Tibble said...

It's over woohoo! x