Wednesday, 11 December 2013

hello elf haul!

Okay so i seemed to of gone cray cray and ordered a lot and i mean A LOT of elf stuff having not tried the brand before, ever. By a lot i mean over 20 different things! but i used a 50% off code so i really couldnt stop myself! It was £73.25 down to £34.75 as i'd got a 3for2 on some eye shadow too :). I did take my own pictures but the lighting was awful so i'm not being lazy honest! I's just rather show you a truer representation as the elf website images really show the colours well.

So what did i get...
First up is the all over face brush. So far this brush seems to be okay, not that soft but good for a brush over of powder ect. Then it's the blusher brush. Again not so soft but it will definitely do for in my handbag which is what i wanted it for.


Then we have the eye shadow brush. I'm really impressed with this as it feels really nice and is compact so i think it will be a really good addition to my collection. Then it's the 'pro' stippling brush which i'm not that impressed with to be honest, it's too long to be any good for foundation but it might not be too bad for blusher.

Last up for brushes in the fan brush. I think this will be alright for highlighter, it's not the best quality but for 75p with the 50% off but can't really complain!

Then i brought a long wear lip liner in bitter. I swatched this on my hand and it was smooth and applied easily. Some lip liners tend to drag but not this one so i'm looking forward to giving it a go. It also came with a sharpener which is handy!

Next up are two HD blusher. I've read a lot about these so really wanted to try them! I've gone for quite out there shades! as i absolutely love my mac fever blusher so wanted to go for these to add to my more daring blushers. The first is in encore and the second in showstopper. These look really scary when you first pump them out and a little goes A LONG way but when you blend it properly it looks beautiful.

Here we have one of the blushers in blushing rose and one of the blush and bronzer duo's in turks and caicos. So far i really like these, they are SO SO pigmented i am super impressed. 

Next up is the tone correcting powder in cool and the HD definition powder in yellow correction tone. I am really intrigued by these. I gave the tone correction powder a try and it feels really nice, the pan looks scary but it's basically translucent on you can't tell. I'm excited to try the yellow correction HD definition powder as i do get redness and it's something that i get self conscious about so if there's something to help me that it great!

Next up we have two eye shadows, the first in amethyst and the next in raspberry truffle. These VERY  loosely remind me of mac's sketch and cranberry and i just think they will go really nicely together to create a smokey eye.

To the right is the elf eye primer in champagne. Having swatched this i would probably just use it as an eye shadow as it's a really gorgeous champagne colour, but i definitely want to try it underneath eye shadow's as well. To the left is the eye shadow in wild wheat. I think it will look really nice with the other two i go and was a great deal as a 3for2 and 50% off!

I haven't actually got a proper brush shampoo so i had to get this one!! so i'm sure it will be fine and then i got a mineral lipstick in cheerful cherry. This lipstick is so so beautiful and lasts really well i had my dinner and a drink and it was still on! so big thumbs up.

On the left is a glitter mascara in plum, i'd say it was definitely more a light purple and the glitter doesn't really show up but it's a little something to add to a night out look. To the right in the waterproof eyeliner in brown. I really like this stuff, it's very opaque and goes on smoothly so big thumbs up.

Next up: flawless finish foundation in porcelain. I'm not too sure about this, i need to try it out more but it feels kinda sticky, doesn't blend so well but i need to try a proper brush and see what i think! To the right is a jumbo eye shadow stick in feeling lucky which kinda looked like a purpley brown to me but actually it's just brown but a nice brown at that and again smooth application. 

Last but not least is just the duo set of sharpener's cause everyone needs sharpeners hey! and these are good as it comes with a big and standard one.

So that's my embarrassingly large elf haul and generally i'm impressed bar some of the brushes and foundation really but i need to give them a proper go. If you've used any of these products let me know what you think!

- Amy x


Brittnee KAO said...

I just got that blush and bronzer duo - can't wait to try it out!


Miss Louise said...

looks lovely! I really need to order from elf! I've never ordered anything from them, but I've wanted to for years. They have so many new lovely products that I think it's time I did!