Thursday, 12 December 2013

Family Christmas decorations!

Merry Christmas guys! now I've finally been let loose with the decorations on my living room, i thought i'd show you what my decorations are like for in there :). I'm basically head decorator in my house so it was up to me to get it festive!

Above is the tree and the front door decoration. I brought the door decoration from the ideal home show at Christmas last year but i did see them again this year so i'm sure they will be there again! The tree was a slim one from B&Q last year, i really like the slim ones as they are A LOT easier to fit into a smaller space like my families living room! cause let's be honest as a family of five, you just don't have room to keep a space free it has to be made!

Below are some of the decorations dotted about the living room. My mum loves angels so we have a few little ones around but below is a glass one we got from wyevale two years ago.  I believe the little house was from wilkinsons, it is so cute!! and fits in with the kinda nordic/kitsch/red/white theme going on. The vase was from wilkinsons and was the center of our table last year. The black tree and baubles were brought in the sale from tesco at the beginning of the year. The white wicker hearts are all from the ideal home show and the lights and wreath were from poundland - you can get some really good stuff from there!

I thought I'd do some close up's on some of my favourite decorations. The orange and heart with white dots were both from the ideal home show, the white and red patterned ball was from tesco, the white and red glitter one was from i believe ikea but don't quote me on that! The candy cane was from asda or tesco - they both do them! and the ginger bread tree came in a pack of three from poundland.

I've got a real mixture of decorations as i didn't want it to look too uniform but still match yano and i think this year I'm really happy with the mixture of decorations and there are quite a few one off's that really blend in well. I'm really looking forward to all the family coming from on boxing day and seeing it all!

- Amy x

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