Thursday, 5 December 2013

d.i.y ombré hair - my advice and experience.

Okay so I finally decided to just go for it and try out ombré hair. It was a bit harder to achieve than I first thought but today I finally got there! 

My hair is really dark, even when I dye over with a dye that's made for darker hair it still goes well dark so really I should of guessed ombré wouldn't be easy for me but in the end I did it with some very helpful advice from Amy, same name guys, I didn't give myself advice!! So this is basically how I made ombré hair work for me on my pain in the ass reddy dark dark hair. 

Anyway. I took some pictures a long the way so I'm just gunna show you them and kinda talk you through what I did and what I found helpful. If you decide to try this at home, please do so at your own risk, I'm not particularly hair conscious so I don't care what happens to mine and remember everyone's hair is different and reacts in different ways. 

First up I used an ombré kit. I used the Loreal wild kit but the new 'intense' version. It was £6.99 from tesco so it's widely avaliable.

As you can see, it did make a difference but it was kinda coppery, the colour was alright but it wasn't what I was going for and wasn't quite bold enough, however for a start this kit was pretty good. I did find the brush to be crap so I just used my hands and found I could get a better result with blending it in that way. 

I then decided to go for a bleach and brought the Jerome Russell high lift powder with the maximum lift 40 vol cream peroxide. You have to have both for it to work, they come in different strengths so it's up to you but as my hair is so dark and stubborn I went for a pretty strong one. The powder came in a pack of 4 and was £3.99 from boots and the cream was £1.69 so if you wanted to bleach again you'd only need the cream as you'd have three other powder packets left so that's handy! 

Nearing the end if my bleach time mmmm burny burny 

I didn't get a picture of my hair after I washed the bleach out because it was disgustingly bright and orange wheyyy, so I preceded to use the touch of silver twice a week brightening shampoo (I brought this in preparation for my newly ombre'd hair) as I didn't have a proper toner so I thought maybe if I leave this on for an hour it will do something and it kinda did but after reading about it i decided to apply it again and leave it on over night. You can buy this stuff from boots and it also comes in a regular shampoo and conditioner.

This is my hair after leaving the shampoo in over night, you may not think it but trust me it look a hell of a lot worse!!! 

I was going to wait to put dye over the bleach but I couldn't it was too hideous haha and unless I was told I would of bleached it again and again to get the orange out but Amy said to use an ash blonde dye and I am SO GLAD I got her advice!!! I paid £4 for this on offer in asda. I was kinda worried my hair would go green or some other weird colour or not work at all since I'd only just bleached it but I was really impressed with this and the foam application made it so much easier to use.

I feel like all I've done recently is wait for development times lalala I was kinda worried as time went on cause it was looking really brown but I didn't need to worry! 

And ta daaaa here is the finished result. I would of taken a nice picture but I had no makeup on, hardly any sleep and it was break out Central on my face! I feel sorry for who I saw on my errands today hah one of which was picking up an a5 print box for a uni project - £14!!!! I've been robbed. 

Anyways I am super happy with how it turned out, the ash blonde really took out A LOT of the orangeness so yay! All in all I think it was a really successful experiment. I will carry on using the touch of silver shampoo just to maintain it but yeah I'm happy! I think it makes my face look a lot softer and I just feel happier as boring hair on me makes me sad aha. I experimented with putting the bleach London super cool mermaid something or other colour in parts of my hair and it's a really cool subtle sea colour it just didn't photograph well but I'm hoping to buy more colours to put different streaks within the ombré whenever I feel like jazzing it up and they only last 2-10 washes which is great for just experimenting. 

If you have any questions feel free to comment. What do you think of ombré hair? - Amy x


Loren Nicole said...

Your hair looks wonderful! I ombred my hair a few months ago and I used the same Loreal kits as you did. I have very dark brown hair and the end of my hair turned out really blonde and not at all orange. Its so crazy how many steps you had to go through to get your results, but I guess everybodys hair is different. Yours looks really nice and Im glad youre happy with it.

Amy Tibble said...

Thankyou! I think its cause I've dyed my hair red so many times before it has really strong coppery undertones anyways but got there in the end lol

Jasmine said...

It looks really lovely <3
Love from Jasmine @