Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas Wrapping!

Christmas timeeeeeeeeeeee mistletoe and wine! ANYWAY I have heard so many christmas songs on the radio today and i'm SO EXCITED! I'm almost done with wrapping presents, I'm just waiting on one more to come, I've picked what I'm having for dinner at the hotel, I've got my tree in my room up and and and and I'M EXCITED!

I thought I'd share with you the wrapping i went for this year. It's from tescos as i was in there with my sister and thought ooo that's lovely as the tartan trend has really taken over this year so obviously I had to have it for my wrapping! I always buy ribbon and bows as well and that tesco's had the most gorgeous ribbon set and bow set for £1 each, could of been £1.50 but either way bargain! also on 3for2! and the tags i think were £1 but could of been 50p or £1.50 sorry i'm so rubbish at remembering prices! but again they were on 3for2 and i remember it all being super cheap! I LOVE the tags as they are all glittery. I think red is a good choice for christmas as I think it works well for both female and male present receivers?! lol I think you'll get what I mean! obviously it's kinda girly with the ribbon and glitter but as I am a woman I think that's okay!

From last year I was put in charge of decorations and i went all out and brought a SERIOUS amount of decorations for the tree and a whole table set with a red and white vintage/homemade theme so I've kinda stuck with the red for all of this but obviously the tartan has different colours but it kinda goes with the whole vintagey handmade feel. I got lovely new decorations from ideal home show this year that were handmade so i'm looking forward to doing the family tree with those new additions! sorry the pictures are a bit naff, It was dark and they are room my phone! but I'm finally going to do a room door with all my christmas decs added! so watch out for that, probably after the 9th when I've got my uni deadline out of the way :) - Amy x

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