Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas Decorations and a... VIDEO!

So I really should be doing Uni work but instead I decorated my whole room and filmed It for you guys! because that's the sort of person I am! I did upload a video to youtube that i did with my phone but it was kinda shocking SO i filmed one with my dslr, I'm good at taking pictures but not so much filming... but it's something i want to get better at so bear with me!

Here's a list of the stuff and where i brought it :)
red tinsel / tesco / £1
bell gift tags / tesco / 50p
green paper tree / wilkinsons / £1.25
merry christmas bunting / tesco / £2/£2.50
red glass heart / ideal home show / £3
christmas tree star / tesco / £1
christmas tree / tesco / £5
christmas decorations / all tesco / 3for2, baubles set of 3 50p, bambi £1.50, wooden heart £1, gingerbread man £1, candy canes set of 6 £1, red glitter drops set of 6 80p
wrapping paper, ribbon & bows / tesco / 3for2
wicker white star / longacres / £1.49
holly / wilkinsons / £1
mistletoe / wilkinsons / £1

Hope you like my decorations! any suggestions on where you've found really nice/cheap ones?!
- Amy x

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