Monday, 9 December 2013

#britishbloggerselection let's play catch up! weeks 4, 5 & 6

Week 4 - Favourite Makeup Brand And Why
Week 5 - Skincare
Week 6 - Haircare

Three weeks to catch up on! I am ashamed! but in my defense as i said before i did have a major deadline which i finally handed in today! not that happy with it as it was a bit rushed towards they end but hey!

SO! my favourite make-up brand at the moment has to be mac, I started off with one lipstick and its just grown i now have three lipsticks, a blush and an eye shadow, with another lipstick and the 217 brush coming in the post and an eye shadow, lipstick and blush hopefully for christmas! My favourite thing out of my collection is my beloved ruby woo.

It's really opened my eyes up to the world of high end make up and i cant wait until december pay day so i can get a mac foundation! well i think im gunna get a mac one but i've heard good things about a ysl one so i can't decide now! so if any one has any suggestions?

but yes it's definitely mac right now! which reminds me if you haven't already enter my give away and you could win a mac lipstick of your choice!!

Week five is skin care and at the moment i'm really loving the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo. My skin has been REALLY bad lately from stress and this seems to be helping! It is abit of a cult product now i guess but hey it works and i got it with 1/3 off and that offer is still on so go go go! nothing else has changed since i last did a post on my skincare though so that's about it!

Week six is hair care, now this has changed since i last did a post on it! now i have ombré hair i've started using the touch of silver twice weekly brightening shampoo and the conditioner just to keep the brassiness at bay as my hair has a really coppery tone to it so i've gotta show it who's boss haha. Another thing i tried out was the l'oreal no sulfates colour care and moisture conditioner which is lovely! it did react with my head a bit but that's because i have psoriasis so i knew that would happen but my hair was so smooth so it was worth it! I also recently tried a bleach london super cool colour in washed up mermaid which i thought was gunna be blue but it was green but i really like it, i just put some strips of it through my ombré bit of my hair.

So that's me all caught up! - Amy x

p.s i have one hell of an e.l.f haul coming up guys!!! let's just say it was nearly £75 before i put the 50% off code in, oops!

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