Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Wednesday weigh in #2

Okay so I'm not gunna lie about it I've had a bit of a pants week! I have my dissertation draft due in on friday and i'm crazy stressed so this has led to bad choices BUT of course I'm not giving up.

So for today's tip i wanted to just say like if you really can't face exercise like me at the moment! just set yourself a task of just walking or going on the bike for just 5 tiny minutes and i promise after those 5 minutes have passed you'll keep going because at the beginning what seems like a massive task has been turned into a little one and once you start you feel too good to stop! and that's what's been keeping me going this week when I've had a treat i shouldn't of! Back to business now and i'm excited for next wednesdays results!

Basically the thing to remember is everyone has there bad days, they may even have a bad week but in the grand scheme of things whats a day or a week in terms of your whole life?! nothing. So keep striving to better yourself and be the person you wish to be, you deserve to achieve your dreams, you just gotta work for it! and even if you are super tired, stay away from lucozade it is the devil!

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