Monday, 11 November 2013

REVIEW: Revlon nearly naked powder

So I've read a lot about the Revlon nearly naked foundation and i have it myself and love it but i haven't really read any reviews on the powder and i love the powder also!!

Now i'm pretty pale skinned but i went for the powder in medium because i don't really like the ghost look and i do a light dusting so the medium its my perfect shade.

The casing is a bit fiddly if you don't have nails (so my sister found out as she bites hers naughty naughty!) but other than that it's pretty sturdy, i really like the simplistic white casing and it makes it easy to find in my bag because it's a light colour, includes a mirror which is really handy for touch ups on a night out and it did come with a powder puff but it's pretty much a waste of time so i chucked that as it just kept falling out and i use a brush and a powder puff vs a brush just cannot be compared! brush all the way!

Feel and coverage wise it is so so soft and looks natural while given your makeup a finished look and for me having combination skin its bye bye shine and is a life saver on a night out to keep me looking nice and matte instead of shiny and whack (rhyming wheyyyy)

In conclusion you should get this powder because 1. the packaging is really nice, especially the handy mirror 2. The shade is great 3. It's perfect for a light coverage as the name nearly naked suggests so there's no cakey look and 4. your skin feels as soft as a baby's bum with this on!

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