Tuesday, 5 November 2013

REVIEW: Real Techniques brushes

I just wanted to do a review on the real techniques brushes I have. It's no exaggeration that these brushes have changed my life!!! These brushes are pretty amazing. I originally got the core and eye collection and was immediately impressed as they have transformed how I do my eyes and I now faff around with doing the whole crease and blending thang because of these brushes because it's so easy to do and you get beautiful results!! (yes there's a couple ecotools in there but it's the only time i remember to take a picture on wash day!)

I then purchased the powder and stippling brush as I had watched some of the videos and realised what I thought was a powder brush, the buffing brush, was in fact and I was not using it to its full advantage! So since then using it to buff my makeup in and it's particularly good at bronzer my make up look has been transformed. The actual powder brush is awesome and the stippling brush is the most amazing creation for getting an amazing flawless finish on foundation and it's amazing at applying liquid highlighter - I have fallen in love with my benefit high beam all over again.

I feel that my make up looks SO much better now and I'm brimming with confidence because of it, it's amazing what brushes can do! I have tried ecotools and no7 brushes but there's just no contrast (except for the blusher and eyeliner brushes - i quite like them). Another plus point with the real techniques brushes is that they wash really really well. I use no7 brush cleaner every few days and then do a deep clean with baby shampoo every two weeks and they come up like new every time and are as soft as ever.

I currently have the blusher and expert face brushes on order so I'm looking forward to seeing what
they can do! And if you haven't i whole heartedly recommend watching the videos that go with the brushes because you learn so much!!

In conclusion if your wondering if these are worth the hype the answer is yes!! If you don't know where to start I'd say the stippling and buffing brushes are my must haves as they are so versatile and you can apply foundation, blusher, bronzer, highlighter and powder with them and then the eye set as since used the videos and took the time to use palettes with these brushes and apply in the crease ect I've never looked back!

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