Thursday, 14 November 2013

REVIEW: MUA matte lipsticks

I practically had to push past people to get my hands on these and i still haven't got the plum coloured one wahh but these little things are amazing. The MUA stand was crazy busy and i'm not surprised they have REALLY up'd their game and it's hard to think of something i haven't liked from them!

from left to right the colours are: pouty pink, totally nude, peachy keen and scarlet siren.

These lipsticks have a great formula, I thought they might be too drying but infact they feel pretty nice on my lips. Also they have a really nice smell, not majorly important in the grand scheme of things but a nice thing to have. Not as long wearing as some more expensive matte lipsticks I have but for a £1 I am definitely not complaining!

I like all shades bar totally nude as it literally looks like you've put concealer on your lips which I don't think has ever been a good look! My favourite is pouty pink, it's the most gorgeous pinky colour with a hint of coral which I really like and it's buildable so you can be subtle or have full impact! Best for colour pay off has to be scarlet siren, it is such a lovely red, perfect for the matte trend and Christmas without breaking the bank and when mua is on 3for2 the price is just ridiculous.

All in all I'm in love with mua matte lipsticks, I just need to get my hands on the plum shade and I'll be happy! Props to MUA they are hitting it out of the park right now!
- Amy x

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