Saturday, 9 November 2013

REVIEW: benefit they're real mascara

I was super duper excited when i finally got this!! about a month ago now and to be honest on my first try i wasn't that impressed but i then learn't the error of my ways, learnt how to apply it properly and just WOW. The trick is to make sure you wiggle the brush as you go up the lash and use a lash curler before you apply! not after as i find it ruins all the work the mascaras done and doesn't make it look nice as it kinda clumps the lashes by using a curler after. It takes practice, I've lost count of the times I've poked myself in the eye but it really is worth the effort!

The brush is i dont know how you'd describe it plastic? anyway they aren't bristles which i prefer as i think you get a better result. I really like the top dome like bit as i can really get into my corner lashes to really make my eyes pop. This retails at £19.50 but i got mine in a set with porefessionals, highbeam (which im going to review next!) and a mini lipgloss for £44.50 but i had boots discount and double discount and it came to just over £33 which is RIDICULOUS! hence why i bid my time and waited to buy it!

Above are my results - as you can see super lengthened, full bodied lashes! I love this mascara it hands down beats anything else I've ever tried and i don't normally spend any where near this amount on a mascara but i would happily repurchase as it is worth it!!

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