Sunday, 24 November 2013

Nails of the day sparkle

I can't stop looking at my nails! I kept admiring my barrym prickly pear polish and I wanted to add some sparkle as it's my birthday on Wednesday so I wanted some nice nails! I can never have what I consider to have boring nails so obviously I had to have two shades, the next being the barrym matte white, although it's not actually completely matte it's a really nice muted shine and the formula is great and is pretty opaque for a white! 

I applied the glitter as a gradient, applying to have the nail, waiting for it to dry and then applying a further two times going down each time. The glitter is from sinful colours, I can't remember the name sorry but there isn't another one like it so it's easy to find. This also looks amazing on its own or over a darker purple or navy, the variety of shades in the glitter is just so beautiful and it applies really well,

After getting home from work I was worried about this chipping before Wednesday. I had read that as long as the nail varnish was really dry you could add a gel top coat so that's what I did with my sensational kit, putting the primer on first so the top coat had something to cling to. It worked fabulously and my nails are so shiny and now I'm confident they will last! 

I can't wait to go shopping with my birthday money/pay day and show you my haul! I feel like I've been skint forever but really it's been like two weeks! Have a great weeks guys! - Amy x

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