Friday, 8 November 2013

My skin care routine for my combination skin!

Okay so my skin care routine is pretty simple but it works for me. First up is my morning routine...

In the morning i always start off with this clean and clear blackhead clearing cleanser because 1. i have black heads on my nose and i want to stop spots before they have a chance to even arise and 2. it really wakes my skin/me up because its so fresh! but kind enough not to irritate my sensitive skin.

Then i use this thing called the garnier ultra lift pro-x. I use it as a kind of serum as it really firms and wakes up my skin before i apply my moisturiser and as you can see from the instructions you use it to kinda massage your skin so it tones it ect and who doesn't like a nice face massage of a morning hey! I am really impressed with this product as i can definitely feel that my skin is firmer and more perk AND i randomly found it in superdrug for £1.22 so they must be discontinuing it but that's fine for me as i brought 4 haha. It really does the job as i wanted a nice serum without the hefty price tag and this is a steal!

 Then i kinda alternate between the top No7 beautiful skin day cream for normal/oily skin and the L'Oréal triple active anti-shine moisturiser depending on how oily my skin feels and whether i want more of a matte finish. Both great creams that i love using and they both absorb really quickly.

Onto my night time routine...
 To take off my make-up i first use the above L'Oréal skin perfection micellar solution and then i go back to my clean and clear cleanser to make sure all my make up really is off and to get that fresh faced feeling before bed! I love the L'Oréal stuff it does such a good job and my skin feels really nice after, i could use it on its own i just like the fresh faced feeling i get from the clean and clear.

Then for my night time moisturiser i use the protect and perfect night cream. This stuff really is lovely. I got it in a set and have only recently got into a moisturiser routine before bed. This absorbs fast so I'm not sticking to my pillow! and makes my skin feel really soft. As I'm only 21 i can't tell you of the anti-aging effects but i just know it feels really nice on my skin!

So that's my routine! what skin care products do you swear by?

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