Sunday, 3 November 2013

HELLO NOVEMBER: fireworks, friendships, shopping and reflections on october

I'm excited for november as it's my birthday month and the start of it has already been pretty good! Yesterday i went to my cousins for a firework party - the fireworks were amazing! and it really reminded me of the good old times when we would all go to my grandmas for bonfire night which was probably my favourite time of the whole year! below are some videos of the fireworks :)

Pay day was on the 28th of october and a did a couple of big shops which i shall make a haul post for and do mini reviews on what i got!

Last weekend a friend from college came round my house who i hadn't seen in like a year and a half as we'd just kinda lost contact but it was such a nice surprise for her to show up and today we went to nandos (yum) and it was really nice to have a natter and a good catch up over yummy food and shopping!

speaking of shopping i've decided i'm going to start doing wishlists and do a big shop each month because i can go out and easily spend £20 without even thinking so its really NOT GOOD so i'm on a beauty ban until next pay day! that way i can really think about what i want and if i really need it and its not just another blogger hyped product! because i am SUCH a sucker!

October was a pretty good month, i had a great weekend in london for a friends 21st! went to see the dreamboys and that was an education! drunk the biggest cocktail i have ever ever seen!

so yeah enjoy the firework videos and my next post will either be a haul or a review so keep a look out :D


Jennifer Spencer said...

Happy Birthday Amy!!!

I started a blog recently and would love if you could check it out.

Amy Tibble said...

Thankyou! i sure will x