Tuesday, 12 November 2013

#BritishBloggerSelection how to join and my contribution to week 2!

I'm excited to be a part of this group of blogger's as it opens opportunities to connect with new people and get so many different view points on one subject and i think it was a great idea to start up by Ellie from littlevintagecamera It's really easy to join, just click on that link and comment with your blog URL, blog name, your first and last name and your email address so Ellie can contact you :) and when you've joined don't forget to add one of the badges to your page which can be found on Ellie's blog. An example of one of the badges is below so click on that and it will also take you Ellie's blog where she tells you all about #BritishBloggerSelection. It's a really good opportunity as you get linked on Ellie's page about it and you can check out so many other blogs you might not of even known existed so it's win win basically!

Join #BritishBloggerSelection

I missed the first week but week two's theme is basically a Q&A.

Question One: Why do you like blogging?
I guess it's kind of an escapism for me from stresses from uni and life in general. I get to pick a subject and babble on about it in a post and it can be really therapeutic. Also feeling part of a community of people is really nice also :).

Question Two: How did you come up with your blog name?
Well i kinda might have over 300 nail polishes :/ and every time i'd come home with more stuff my mum would say 'not another one amy' and that's what gave me the idea to name my blog that and also that it doesn't pin me down to just beauty as i blog about d.i.y's and life in general also.

Question Three: Where from the UK do you come from?
I come from the south east so near reading way, about an hour from london so not a bad spot :)

Question Four: Favourite colour?
Raspberry/plum kinda colour if you get what i mean!

Question Five: Do you like Lana Del Ray?
I couldn't help but laugh at this question as it seems so random haha but yes i do! I think her voice is mesmerizing.

Question Six: Hidden Talents that you have?
This one is kinda hidden, my family know i can but no one else really does unless they happen to hear me but i can sing. I got up to grade 4 during my singing lessons but stopped because something happened and i didn't feel like singing any more but now i sing all the time again. Just the other day i was belting out Miley Cyrus - Wrecking ball and i had no idea my sisters new boyfriend was sat downstairs - awkward!!!

Question Seven: Celebrity Crush?
This may sound so weird but i really have a thing for Danny Dyer. I think it's his voice more than anything but yeah what can i say!

Question Eight: Favourite blog of all time?
This one is so so easy. It's abeautifulmess. I never really read blogs or knew what they were about until i cam across a beautiful mess. I think elsie and emma's creative minds are just amazing and the photography on their blog is so beautiful! They really do lead a beautiful life and it's so inspiring. A beautiful mess is what inspired me to create my own blog and just blog about what I'm passionate about.

Question Nine: What made you join #BritishBloggerSelection?
I guess I've kinda answered this at the beginning of this post but basically it's nice to feel part of a community, it's a great way to find new blog you wouldn't of otherwise seen, it's a great way to network and it's interesting seeing different peoples views on one subject.

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