Saturday, 16 November 2013

#BritishBloggerSelection - Favourite clothes shop

Okay so this was a tough one as i'm not really loyal to any particular shop :/ as i have clothes from newlook, asos, asda, tesco, h&m, primark, sainsburys, dorothy perkins, debenhams - basically loads of places and obviously some supermarket lovin' haha but my favourite is...

Ta da! so yes my favourite is asos. I don't know if this strictly counts as a clothes shop but i buy clothes from there so.... I think it's my fav as you can get some amazing deals. I got the most beautiful dress to wear for a friends birthday, was £65 down to £19.50 and i'm talking about asos own brand stuff not the other brands you can buy on there btw. It had an intricate sequin top half and kinda puffed out a bit under the bust with a kinda netty skirt with underneath layer with the sequin and netting kinda thing on top - I'm not really describing it very well but it's super nice! actually ima try and find a pic, you have to see this bargain!

See told you it was beautiful! They have really beautiful clothes for reasonable prices that can be a lot more unique than stuff you can get in other highstreet shops which really appeals to me as i'm kinda picky with clothes and i want them to have something different going on. I've brought soooo many cool tops from asos i've lost count. So i highly recommend you check out asos, especially when they have a sale as you can get some incredible bargains. 

I've had a busy day at work and another one to come tomorrow! gotta love date checking! so chill time calls!
whats your favourite clothes shop? have you joined british blogger selection yet? If not click the link in my sidebar! 
- Amy x


Hips Like Cinderella said...

I love asos too! Uniqlo is a fave too for basics and Zara! X

Joni Murray said...

heeeey you previously followed my blog so i just thought to tell you cos id hate to lose all my followers - i made a new blog ! The url is and i would love if you went over and re-followed me on there:)) thankyou x

Amy Tibble said...

Will do :) x

Amy Tibble said...

Haven't checked out uniqlo but love lots if stuff from Zara :) x