Friday, 15 November 2013

Birthday/Christmas wishlist

I can't believe this is my first wishlist! but if I want something I tend to just buy it and with more expensive stuff I just tend not to think about writing a list but for birthdays and Christmas people always tend to ask for lists and at Christmas my nanny must have something to wrap up! So this time around I actually put some effort into thinking of stuff. I think since I've started this blog and joined the blogging community I literally see stuff ALL the time that I want so it was easier to do than in past years!

So from top to bottom, left to right first up is a fan brush. I recently got the hyped up mua highlighter and I think a fan brush will be perfect to apply it as well as clean up any powder from eye shadow application around my eyes.

Then we have the bourjois happy light illuminating primer. I've heard so many good things about this and bourjois in general have really impressed me recently so I feel like I need to try this! I'm loving the glowing look atm and as my skin seems to of gotten so dry I'm steering clear of matte for now! 

Then it's the nyx hd finishing powder. This really intrigues me as up until recently I never considered using a powder with no colour but really its kinda perfect because when I've worked hard on my base it seems silly to cover it up with a powder! But with this I get the best of both worlds, set make up with no change to my foundation. 

Then it's the rimmel moisture renew lipstick in dark night waterl-oops. I love the formula and I love dark plumy red vampy lipsticks so it's practically perfect in every way! 

Then we have a mac eyeshadow in cranberry. This shade looks so beautiful, ever since I saw sugarfixxbeauty talk about it I've needed it! For me it's the perfect shade as I live all things berry and also I just really want to try a mac eyeshadow.

Next is a mac lipstick in syrup. I spent ages trying to decide on the perfect everyday mac shade for me and I've found it in this! I have rubywoo and rebel which are both pretty bold so I really just want a good quality lippy I could wear all day err day yano! 

Then it's the legendary naked pallet! Now you may wonder why I have the first one on my wishlist and not the second and that's because I prefer the shades in the first one! Yes naked 2 is ridiculous hyped and a third one is on the way but I like the original and I also like order! So maybe I will get naked 2 & 3 one day also :) 

Next up is the lush bubblegum lip scrub. I  NEED lip scrubs especially when I wear ruby woo otherwise there's just no point putting it on! So for one to exist that smells and takes like bubblegum, YES PLEASE.

Finally another mac product, this time a blusher in Melba. It seems like a really nice shade, a touch on the peachy side but not as overly bold perhaps as peaches which is so pretty but I don't think would go with my colouring. Melba looks to be a really nice colour that is kinda on the coral/peach trend but will work for people that generally suit rosey cheeks more like me. 

What things are you lusting after? Anything you think I should add to my list? 

Also! my followers n blog lovin have gone up so quickly recently and i'd just like to take a moment to say thanks :) and to also let you all know that when i reach 100 followers i will be doing a give away! it will only be open to the UK and i need to work out how to set up one of those give away things but yeah! as soon as i've reached 100 followers you will see a post with lots more details :)

- Amy 

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Kookii Chan said...

I have never seen the Bourjois Primer before. It looks interesting, my skin gets ridiculously dry in the winter, I think something like that will be so good. I also never knew palette 3 will be coming out! Sayy whaat?! I only have the original and I am still debating over buying the second one or not and now already a third one is going to be released!
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