Thursday, 21 November 2013

a day in the life...

So I had a grand plan to take lots of pictures today but I kinda only took two :/ but I had a really good day so I still wanted to blog about it and try out my new app blog go!

So I was in the studio today and kinda had a disaster cause I'm so rusty I couldn't get the lights to sync up to my camera, I don't know if the cable/hotshoe didn't work or I'm just a dumbass but hey I used them on constant so it was fineeee. I shot like 12 different ideas for my Uni project on therapeutic photography (I'm doing it on myself) with my mums help so it was really productive anyways. Clearly I love natural light as I haven't used the studios the whole time I've been at Uni, so much so the stores lady thought I was first year when I'm third... Damn my youthful looks haha and yes I did improvise a table with a piece of white card! There's more info on my photography blog about my latest project if your interested but yeah it was really nice to spend a good few hours with my mum and not feel judged about my ideas for my work :).

Then my sister came home early and we went to watch the butler. It was an incredibly emotional film, Oprah's performance was incredible as were the rest of the cast. It really shocks you how recently these disgusting events happened but also warms your heart at how far we've come and how brave those people whom fought were but it also shows we have a way to go and that we are all equal. I found it to be fascinating all be it incredibly sad as many including me were crying at many parts! It is definitely a must see!

So now it's basically time for bed, perhaps some masterchef before I'm obsessed and proud! I am really rating this blog go app btw so easy to post on my ipad now so that I don't have to boot up my beasty pc. Enjoy the rest of the week! - Amy x

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