Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wednesday weigh in

Okay so I've been on my weightloss journey since the middle of august with MANY up's and downs and usually I just don't talk about it and get on with it but recently I've been really inspired to start a weekly post about how I'm getting on and include tips ect and hopefully it can help even just one person on their weightloss journey making it worth while doing right?!

For me I've always had an issue with my weight, self esteem, self confidence and as part of a Uni project i am under taking therapeutic photography on myself to try and work through issues and where this all kinda stemed from so again if I find anything helpful from my experiments on myself I'll be sure to share! 

I'm really not normally such an open person but as the weights been coming off I've found my confidence increasing and I just think if I can do this after being a serial dieter and trying everything under the sun then anyone who wants to can! I've tried weight watchers, slimming world, not eating (didn't last long I got too hungry!) and I think now I've finally found a balence. 

What I truly believe is that for you to loose weight you really need to want it! I just felt something had changed for me this time, I started out doing slim fast and then kinda adapted it to my own way so instead of shakes I'd keep to the calorie limit and have porridge, sushi or salad - there are so many things around for 230 calories. I then just made sure I had a healthy main meal keeping within the 600 cal limit and planned my 3 snacks again at a cal limit of 100cal and just made it a diet that was as simple as possible that worked for me so like if I wanted that can of coke I was craving I could go right ahead it would just be a snack and a half gone. 

Another key tip when I first started was to not beat myself up if I had a slip up because I always used to do that and then I'd give up completely which I now know is completely dumb because were only human right and there will always be a birthday or occasion you should let yourself enjoy, just get back on the wagon the next day and work out! 

Finally another important tip to get you stated is excercise! I know people bang on about it a lot but seriously it's important. I can actually loose a pound or so with no excercise as I have dramatically reduced my calorie intake to around 1350 a day but with exercise I can loose 2 - 3 pounds so why not and make yourself feel way better and release all those good endorphins cause I don't know about you but I feel like I can take on anything after a good work out. When I say work out I don't mean at the gym, I have this amazing FREE app on my iPhone called pump up and you can create work outs tailored to you, the equipment or lack of you have and the time you have to spare so no excuses! 

Now the bit you all probably wanted to know at the beggining cause hell I know I'm nosey!! I've currently lost 22lbs and I'm aiming to loose another stone by Christmas. My motto is slow and steady wins the race! And I find as I've lost it slower than previous diets I've kept it off! Because really for me it's a lifestyle change - I'm ready to be healthy! 

If you've read all that I salute you, they will be much shorter posts from now on as I'll pick a tip a week! If this doesn't apply to you sorry! But if I can help just one person along with helping myself by holding myself accountable by getting my story out there it's definitely worth it! The name is cause I weigh myself every Wednesday so kinda simple aha 

Amy x


SparkleBug Jo said...

22lbs since August is an amzing achievement doll! Well done you!! Reading this post has been like reading my thoughts, i am very much in the same boat as you have always had issues with my weight and confidence, have tried every diet under the sun! and am finally doing it the healthy way now. And i started on Slimfast as well :) keep up the great work, can't wait to read the next update xoxo

Amy Tibble said...

Thankyou for your lovely comment made me smile :) good luck on your journey, I swear the healthy way is the only way that works! Just takes a while to realise it! x