Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Sensationail starter kit and gel polish review!

So i must of had a mad five minutes when i decided to purchase this but i don't regret it AT ALL. I got all of my stuff from tescos as at the moment the starter kit is only £45 instead of £60 plus and all the gel polishes are £5 instead of ten and everything else like the remover tool has money off!

 The starter kit includes everything you need with the lamp, primer, cleanser, lint cloths ect - enough for ten manicures.  At the time i also got jelly sherbet and the remover tool, the remover tool is a must otherwise its near impossible to get off!

Here is my first ever gel manicure with pink chiffon and jelly sherbet. I love the shine, thickness and how strong my nails feel and best of all you get NO damage when removing them.

 Above is pink chiffon, jelly sherbet, mauve maven, sugar plum and silver glitter. Gradually i got more and more shades, you tend to get addicted when they are £5 instead of £10!!

The UV Lamp. This is so easy to use! the instructions are really simple and as long as your careful not to get any product on your cuticles then your sure of a winner! basically you cleanse then prime, put on a base coat and cure for 30 seconds, put on a colour and cure for 60 seconds, put on a colour again and cure for 60 seconds and repeat again if needed to make the colour opaque. You then put on a top coat and cure for 30 seconds, wipe with the lint cloth and cleanser and your done!

My other gel polish shades in pink daisy, clear, coral sunset, after five, tangerine glitter, gold glitter, taupe tulips, midnight rendezvous and royal ruby.  Again i kinda got addicted but i love all the colours and i cant wait to try them all. So far i've done these manicures...

This is in mauve maven on my mum

This is in sugar plum - such a gorgeous colour for autumn

This is silver glitter, my best and most recent manicure. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS GLITTER!! 

Please don't try and add up what i spent i am too embarrassed haha but if you have more will power than me, i fully recommend getting the starter kit and remover while its on offer as its a great investment as they really do last and in the long run its way cheaper than keep going to get your nails done, in fact £45 would pay for two trips to a salon when if you brought a starter kit it would do your nails 10 times!!

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