Sunday, 13 October 2013

REVIEW: Yankee candle's fireside treats and black coconut

I love candles, they make me feel all warm, cosy and super relaxed. I've been working on trying to create the perfect working environment to make doing my dissertation a little easier! I've always enjoyed candles, something about their warm soft glow is just so soothing but they are also really good at making me feel calm and serene so i don't totally loose the plot whilst trying to read what feels like GAZILLION books.

So enough of the why's! First off let me start with my favourite of the two - fireside treats. It really makes me feel like i am sat round a camp fire if i close my eyes! I'm currently watching the telly as i type this with it burning. It is such a lovely smell. I was worried it might be too strong but it's not at all! It's just a really creamy but not overpoweringly sweet scent, perfect for a cosy autumn night in working away! Price wise they range from £1 odd right the way up to £25 depending on what you go for. Mine is a large jar candle and was £25 because i got it from little woods but it is in the shops for £19.99. You can get little sample candles, small, medium and large jars, wax tarts all sorts. It seems to have a bigger flame than other candles i've had before which i prefer as they create a nicer atmosphere in a room with a bit more light! 

Onto the scent of Black coconut. It's a much less sweeter scent but still a bit of sweetness there and a slight fruity scent to it as well and of course the smell of coconut. It's a much subtler scent but just as lovely all the same. I can see myself using this more in the day and will be perfect for keep me calm while working without making me sleepy dreaming of a campfire at night as it's a fresher scent. I got this in a small jar from clintons for £8.29 and it's a small jar but again you can get this in medium, large jars, tea lights, wax tarts ect.

Still waiting on my christmas eve one to come but i'm sure i will love it just as much as these two! I also got salted caramel and cinnamon sticks in sample sizes but haven't tried them yet but they smell lush even before lighting! 

Even if you just get a sample candle (mine were £1.80 from clintons but i think you can find them cheaper else where) I am certain they will instantly cheer you up and give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside :). I painted my chest of drawers white yesterday so i'll do a post about that soon and also how i organise all my make-up ect :).


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