Thursday, 3 October 2013

Recent favourites

I can't believe its  been so long since i last posted i didn't even realise! In my defence going back to uni has been a busy time and although i've been avoiding doing uni work so have actually had time to blog i just haven't felt inspired yano/been ill/flat if you get what i mean! anyways! I've obviously still been buying everything in bloody site! so i thought (i will eventually do a big haul post) i would pick a few things out that i really love that i've recently bought (with payday and loan day i went a bit mental) I am so behind but apologies again guys! there's so many posts i want to do!! especially review sensationails starterkit/gel polishes for you! but that will be soon to come.

I got this from eBay for i think £6.99 i love love love it! i'm all about storing stuff but still being able to see what you've actually got! and my precious ruby woo and rebel mac lipsticks and nightmoth liner take pride of place!! There are loads of these kind of things on eBay and they look really nice as well as being practical for displaying your make-up

 Random food stuffs here but i found these in sainsburys and only got them because they had something to do with katy perry! but they are SO GOOD. i love salty sweet stuff and they don't get stuff in your teeth unlike popcorn and they are low cal so perfect snack!

I dyed my hair! i used L'Oréal feria by préference in p38, a new shade, very purpley! i normally use live xxl but i kept coming back to this colour so decided to go for it, it looks sooooo nice in the light but also normal enough not to get weird stares so its work friendly!

And last but not least i finally have my dream team! my sister brought me ruby woo cause shes awesome and i already had nightmoth as you know as i've banged on about it enough!! but yeah these two combined make THE PERFECT vamp lips - there's a great tutorial on youtube by Lora Arellano so check that out!

Theres kinda a purple/berry theme and i didn't even realise til now! my favourite seasons are autumn and spring so what can i say! berry and pastel what could be better!


Kate said...

Love the lip colour! x

Amy Tibble said...

thankyou! love your blog, the design is so pretty! x