Thursday, 31 October 2013

My make-up storage/collection!

As you can probably tell this is gunna be a picture heavy post!! recently and by recently i finally did it properly today! i have sorted out all my make-up and stored it in a way i am finally happy with! 

So from left to right in terms of storage things. 
The glass drawers came from my sister so i dont know where they are from sorry but i've seen some similar in sainsburys! 
The plastic basket came in a pack of 5 for £1.99 from Dunelm
The Rinse holder i have my brushes in came from a shop called 'The Range' for £1.99
Behind it you can see the high beam ect that's all held in a desk tidy similar to the one above all the drawers also from 'The Range' for £2.99
Moving onto the drawers, the top one and the thing above it came as a set from ebay for £6.99 (just search acrylic make up storage)
The bottom two sets of drawers came from staples and were £12 each from a range called osco
The thing next to it, which again is kinda like a desk tidy that has all my eye and lip pencils ect is also from staples in the clearance section at £2.99
Where you can see the three white tubes those are in a pen desk tidy from tesco for i think £2.99 i cant quite remember!
The glass jars with my mascara and cheaper brushes in are from 'The range' and were £1.49 each - bargain! 
The white drawers - you can just see the top of in this picture to the left, the wicker looking ones were from sainsburys for £12 in the sale.

In the draw underneath all my makeup which is actually meant to house my clothes but i commandeered it! is kinda an over flow housing so it has extra mascaras and eye shadows. In the middles there's foundation, powders and concealers and to the right there's yet more lipstick and lipbalms!

Above you can see a close up of stuff. In the wooden drawers you hadn't seen yet i keep hair stuff, blusher overflow and stuff i get from my glossybox subscription! The glass drawers contain all my maybelline 24hr colour tattoo shadows and other long wear shadows. The middle draw is for pallets and the bottom for my over flower of eyeliners and more lipstick. The blue thing on the wall has lipstick crayons, apocalips and more spares basically. I definitely don't have a one in one out policy haha.

Again more close ups and you can see i house most of my hair products in baskets for easy reach and any overs being under my bed! My most loved foundation and powder at the moment is next to my most loved perfumes, with the amazing john freida wand i pretty much use every day to tame my fly aways and the amazing L'Oreal micellar water! I keep newer hair products in a basket next to my cheap fragrances so they are separate so they don't get lost in all the other stuff i have so i actually use them and not forget about them!

I tend to have A LOT of overs from working in boots whenever there is an offer i tend to just buy it cause its a really good deal especially with my discount! so i have an array of conditioners, skin stuff, bath and shower stuff - all sorts! I keep my skin care stuff on my book shelf next to my desk as i find when i'm sat at my pc i'll tend to moisturise then, kinda weird but it works for me and is nice and relaxing! So yeah that's my storage and it's all super affordable so i suggest you get to staples as the acrylic drawers are a great deal if you lust after the muji ones that for the triple drawers is £17.95, these are like nearly £6 cheaper, times that by 2 that's £12 quid saved! And that's a new foundation am I right or am I right! 

Through doing this i can see everything i have and every time i look at it i can remind myself I DO NOT NEED ANY MORE!! because it's so easy for stuff to get buried! but now i can see everything and USE IT!


Lauren Marie said...

Great makeup storage. Mine is overflowng again, really want to invest in some muji, but the shipping to ireland is really expensive.

Amy Tibble said...

It is so expensive! Definitely on my wish list though! Followed you on bloglovin :)