Friday, 18 October 2013

D.I.Y: How to paint a chest of drawers the easy cheap way!

 I kept looking at my chest of drawers thinking hmm it would look so much better white to match the majority of the rest of my room! as i have a white bed frame, white walls, white desk, white/clear plastic drawers, white white white! and i just add accents of colour with art, flowers ect - you'll see that when i do a post on my room!

To the left is a before and after. I was aiming for a kind of white wash shabby chic effect. I wanted to make sure the grain of the wood was visible but it was obviously white at the same time and i'm pretty chuffed with the results!

I used a tester pot of dulux kitchen paint as it said it was grease and stain proof which i thought would be ideal as the top of my chest of drawers has all my make up on ect on. I got this from B&Q for £1.55, just used a bowl i had at home, put the paint in and added same water to make it more of a wash consistency and just covered the chest of drawers in it with an old paint brush i found under the sink. It took about 2 hours to be dry so that i could put all my stuff back on it ect. I didn't use any varnish or even prepare the surface - I'm just gunna let it age gracefully now aha :). To the left you can see the during phase!

Here you can see the finished product in all it's glory! It matches perfectly with the walls and my basket mini drawers to the left and the cliché yet beautiful beauty bloggers ikea pot for my brushes!

So if you have a piece of furniture that needs some lovin' why not try this! just a tip -  if your furniture has a varnish finish you will need to sand it before you paint it otherwise the paint will just scrape/fall off! be adventurous! tester pots are so cheap after all! so easily changeable!

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