Monday, 28 October 2013


I cannot believe how long I've left it to blog again, all i can do is apologise guys!! basically I'm trying to write my dissertation, work on my other Uni project, make time for family and friends and try to blog all at the same time! so if i'm slack sometimes I'm super sorry!!

I thought i'd do a post on a bronzer I've really been loving for a couple of months now! I never used to use bronzer as it kinda scared me that i would apply it wrong and look like a clown or it would just be awful! but after searching and trying a variety of creams and powder i had finally found THE ONE in the shape of bourjois délice de poudre in shade 51.
(Image credit) Shade 51 is the lighter of the two on offer - the other being 52 and as i'm so pale and was kinda intimidated about using bronzer this one seemed perfect for me and it was! Also who can resist something that smells and looks like chocolate i mean really they know women too well! I also love that it has no out there shimmer at all as i'm conscious of having glittery stuff on my face! i just think it's too much for a day time look and can look a bit silly but this one again is perfect. It leaves a really nice subtle bronzed look, perfect for contouring (i use the real techniques contour brush) or just adding that flush of bronzed colour to a pale face, like mine! I find the best way to apply without contouring is just to slightly brush with a blusher brush and place just above the jawline using a blusher brush as said previously as it is bigger and then rub it in with your fingers. Probably frowned upon by make-up artists but it works for me! when i contour i place it on the jawline with a contouring brush. 

In conclusion i really cant recommend this highly enough and since i brought it i literally use it every day, it really is lovely to wear and i feel it just completes your make-up look - i don't know what i did without it!! It's on sale in most shops tbh boots, superdrugs, supermarkets with bourjois stands at around £7 give or take so go out and get it!! Next on my buy list is a bourjois blush that i'm hoping will live up to this beauty! I've heard really good things about their new skin adapting one!

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