Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Swatches (maybelline color tattoo and 10hr super stay gloss tint) and purchases!

Here are a few things i have picked up from tescos and boots recently. from left to right top to bottom we have... 
lipcote so that my lipsticks last longer and i have to say it really does work 
Loreal skin perfection wipes as they were only £1.74 and i was so impressed with the micellar water
TZONE pore strips for only £3 these were a bargain from tescos as others are £6 upwards
Loreal cleansing milk and toner, again as i was so impressed with the micellar water i wanted more of the range and they really make your skin silky smooth
shower stuff, the left with argan oil so my skin will be super smooth and the right with a passion fruit - smells lush!!
Loreal skin perfection 15 second miracle cleaning oil - apparently its meant to make your skin super smooth - havent tried it yet but i have high hopes as the other stuff in the range is SO GOOD!
agin another Loreal product especially for oily-combination skin - its a day cream that is anti-shine and works really well and feels nice on my skin
finally i brought an eye gel to help with my puffy tired eyes in the morning!

I've also recently added to my maybelline colour tattoo collection, the top in forever turquoise and the bottom in light in purple as well as a 10hr stay stain gloss in endless ruby...
I love maybelline as a brand. Its really affordable yet so long lasting - especially the color tattoo eyeshadows - i havent used a product that rivals it and the lipsticks especially the super stay ones are extremely long lasting and they have some beautiful shades!

I'm kinda gunna go on a spending ban for a while, well try to! im gunna try for a week first and see how that goes and i am seriously shopping way too much as you can probably tell haha

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