Wednesday, 4 September 2013

rimmel, maybelline & bourjois product swatches, shopping and good news!

Hi guys!! so today has been an amazing day! After 7 weeks of hard work i've lost my first stone! and im feeling pretty chuffed with myself! a long way to go yet but its a great start. So because of this i decided it was time to go shopping and get a few items that i've been lusting for for a while plus boots is buy one get one half price on makeup atm!

I'd had my eye on the rimmel apocalips for a while as well as the bourjois colour boost lipsticks and bronzing primer so they were first on my list!!

I had a £3 off no7 makeup voucher so decided to get a couple of of new nail varnishes as i really like the no7 formula, left is star shower, right it moonlit shadow - i feel they will be the perfect fall shades to go with berry lips. I also got the dove hair therapy leave in conditioner that you can use on dry hair as well as wet which i was really drawn to, that and the fact my sister said its the best hair thing shes brought and she doesn't normally get excited about stuff like this!

I've had my eye on this stuff for like 2 months umming and ahhing over whether to buy it or not but recently i've really got into bronzer and from reading reviews this sounded like the perfect thing for pale skin. Now the idea is to use this all over your face to give you an all over glow but on me it would look like fake tan gone wrong so i'm just going to use it as a mousse bronzer. It feels really soft on so im looking forward to using it.

This is the bourjois colour boost lipstick in red sunrise. I have read so many amazing review on this stuff and im not disappointed. Its not as pigmented as other lipsticks but that's to be expected as it feels like you have nothing on so the colour in that respect is pretty good for a bare lip sensation lipstick. I  also like how it has spf in and feels really hydrating and just generally nice. The down side is there is such a small range in colours - i would of got more but its the only shade i liked. However i think they are bringing out a winter range i spyed on amazon a really nice deep berry one so i'm definitely planning to get that!!

Here's the other lip product i've been lusting over and have heard so many good reviews about! Its the apocalips in one of the new shades, eclipse. I originally thought i'd buy the galaxy shade but i didnt really like it, tbh this was the only shade i really did like! but it is so lovely and is really pigmented and feels nice on my lips. Again another product im not disappointed in and its definitely worthy of all the hype.

I brought one of these in the shade ruby red (i think it definitely had ruby in the name) the other day and i was so impressed i had to get the other shade i had my eye on! This one is called timeless plum and like most of my lip products i choose it really packs a punch and of course is in the berry region if lip shades! It really does last on your lips and feels like you haven't got anything one - perfect! I've also found if you dab it on and then blend in with a clear lip balm it makes a beautiful more subtle lip colour.

This was my real bargain of the day from poundland. I recently got the orange/coral version of this and loved it so when i saw a different shade i knew i had to get it. It's like a cheap like coverage lipstick that looks great when you want more of the focus to be on your eyes.

So i'm pretty much loving life right now!! next post will be about my makeup look for pennyhill park, my dinner there and other purchases i have yet to show you!

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