Saturday, 10 August 2013

Todays buy's plus today's nails!

I've decided to start blogging what i buy and it will hopefully remind me to eventually review everything for you guys! and i'll add on a today's nails to each post unless they are particularly snazzy and i think a tutorial would be a good idea, then i shall devote i whole entire post!


Here are today's buys. I kinda live in boots and 9/10 any product you see will be from boots, since i work there im a pretty big fan girl its fair to say! also when you have a break its obviously an opportunity to shop right?

So we have the lasting perfection collection 2000 concealer. I have heard SO many good things about this product and read so many blog posts saying how amazing it is so im really hoping im not disappointed!

next we have vitamins, the tall looking one is something new out - its iron but has a blackcurrant taste so is less rank, i take iron to help me from feeling less tired during the day because of my sleeping troubles! and chewy multivitamins are always good so you feel less of a junkie when your sat there taking 5 different vitamins! i also take ones for bone strength as i broke my ankle at the beginning of the year as well as the usual culprits. I have to admit im abit of a vitamin hoarder, weird i know but if it makes you healthier it can only be good right!

next we have flexitol cuticle and nail cream as i need something to not only sort out my cuticles but i also really need something for hang nails as they can be bloody painful so fingers crossed for this product! I've heard great things about there cracked heel range so fingers crossed.

Then we have my fav antibacterial range cuticura. I had lost my passion flower and mango gel - it is lush and on offer atm and i've wanted to try the hand wash for agessssss.

and lastly I have seen these all over the net recently and i feel kinda bad cheating on my beloved No7 Protect Perfect Lip Care because it is incredible, this reminds me i really need to do a review on it but let's just say if you suffer from cracked lips this is the stuff for you, especially over night it sorts them right out, your lips are SO SMOOTH after using it i cannot recommend it enough! anyways back to maybelline ive seen these all over online and with a 3for2 offer atm i had to get three obviously and for a less intense more everyday lip care im looking forward to using them and i have fallen in love with the packaging.

onto todays nails...

I currently have on bikini so teeny by essie and did a little daisy for an accent nail on each hand, pictured above are everything else i used. (except base coats and top coats but im going to do a post dedicated to that soon)

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Meghan B said...

I have that concealer its so good especially when you consider how much it costs :)

Amy Tibble said...

Yeah I can't believe how good it is for the price! Thanks for the follow btw :) followed you back