Saturday, 31 August 2013

recent hauls

I'm almost nearly ashamed at how much I've been shopping recently!! nearly! but hey you only live once and whats the harm in treating yourself! (as long as its your money i do not advise debt!! unless its for like a car or a house - anyways!) I am loving the amazing finds in poundland atm like seriously good stuff! and i got an amazing bargain from Costco!

These came in the post a couple of days ago, i got them in the sale from asos. The models own one is kinda cheaters way to look like you have foil on your nails! it looks really nice - i have used it on my nails and a pic will be included in my nailart/mani post when i recap on what i've done :). I have wanted to try the salon pro stuff for a while now and the shade is gorgeous! kinda pearlescent too but you cant see that in the pic!

This is my most recent poundland haul! The rimmel eyeshadow - a quad for £1 is ridiculous! i have swatched all this stuff and will do a separate post for it :). I also got a 50p collection 2000 triple eyeshadow set, sinful colors in this is it, lovely pastel blue colour, lipstick ina gorgeous orangey/coral colour - picture doesnt do it justice but again i have swatched it!, more Calvin Klein eye cream shadow, a maxfactor eyeshadow cream thang, maybelline nail varnish and macadamia oil body wash which im excited to try as i have heard good things about macadamia oil!
all of that for £10.50!!!

These are my costco bargains! These flasks go for £30 plus online and i got them for £15.58 including vat for two!! you could choose from teal, lime green, red and purple but my fav colour is purple so naturally i went for that! They are amazing. i made tea at half 11 and at half 5 it is still hot!! (i have scheduled this post, don't worry your not going mad!)
as well as keeping stuff hot they also keep it cold do they will come in handy for uni when i NEED coffee just to function!

I finally got the other two baby lips to complete my set! 2 for £5 in tescos and a sally hansen top coat i had run out of as its super shiny and it had money off so was only £2.02! and this is what happens when i go to tesco to get petrol - i also cant help myself and go in the shop!

I went shopping with my sister before she went on holiday as she needed some last minute bits! and i treated myself as you do! I had £12 off in points so wanted to spend them -  i have raved about how much i love the loreal skin perfection micellar solution so i thought i'd try the toner in the same range as it still has money off! with my points i also got a collection 2000 waterproof eyeshadow (i had to fight to get it off my hand once i'd swatched it!!), a blackhead eliminating neutrogena face scrub, two color tattoo 24hr eyeshadows and a maybelline brow drama sculpting brush.
I also got a new no7 nailvarnish as they had a new glittery shade - its really subtle so nice as a top coat, a face brush to go with my scrub! and some fine liners from sainsburys as they were half price and                                                                                        will come in handy for all my notes!

This was from a plurge on one of my breaks at work! I got the new got2b salt spray that im interested in seeing if its any good! nail varnish remover as i always run out! more micellar solution as i've already used half a bottle and its still on offer! the new john freida smooth fly aways brush (this actually works!!! i'll do another post to review it) a new loreal nail varnish shade - its super glittery and you can a nice even spread of glitter on application, two color tattoo eyeshadows, 24hr super stay powder by maybelline in sand and £1.25 sale socks!
quite a few products in this bunch i need to review so bare with me! i buy too much stuff gah haha

So now you can see when it comes to shopping i'm pretty good at it haha

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