Tuesday, 6 August 2013

parcel day! Essie swatches & a tutorial on watercolour nails

So i got my much anticipated parcel i brought from fragrance direct today! :D anticipated because it was full of beautiful essie nail varnish :D my fav brand ever ever. below is a video from instagram, i don't think its uploaded properly but hopefully it has! i forgot to include two of my essie varnishes in the video but they are included in the swatches below :). so besides essie i thought i'd try some st moriz tan so ill let you know how they goes! as they've actually started selling it in tesco but i got mine cheaper. I also got more dry kwik nail varnish as it is a life saver when i do my nail art so I'm not sat there forever, a w7 nail strengthener/nail treatment thing so i shall let you know if that's any good and a mini treats opi thing of all the nail treatment things - nail envy (which i really wanted to try!!), chip skip and rapid dry with some remover and pads. There are not enough hours in the day to try it all!!

Below are swatches of all the essie nail varnish i got. I LOVE THEM ALL!!

Last nights nails/today's...
as you can see i've taken a pic of everything i used to create this kind of watercolour effect.
1. paint your nails white as a base coat
2. paint two coats of top coat to protect your nails from the pure acetone you will be later using. (please note this tutorial is only for use on real nails because of using pure acetone)
3. put splodges of your chosen colours on to the nail you decide to start with, for example i started on my left hand on my thumb. I went for four colours but its completely personal preference, i just thinmk four colours is the right amount to get that watercolour effect.
4. Dip your paint brush into your acetone and then paint onto the dots to 'water them down' and spread the colour as you would with watercolours but don't be too heavy handed as you don't want to get rid of all the colour and then remove the base coat so be patience as if may take several brush strokes with the acetone to get the right spread/affect and you can always add more polish and spread it again if you feel a nail is lacking a certain colour
5. Apply a top coat

for my top coats i have used insta-dri sally hansen but also no7 quick dry in 60s as its slightly less thick than the sally hansen version, so to cover the white base i used insta-dri first to get a good thick coverage and then the no7 top coat to make sure it was completely dry and to just add another layer of protection to the top coat.

I used a tutorial from nail-art-101.com for guidance to create these.

I decided i also wanted an accent nail on each hand so with a barry m nail art pen i just drew these on free hand.

 and voila!


Jasmine said...

Bikini so teeney looks like such a beautiful collouuurrr <3

I'm blogging every day for a week :D
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Amy Tibble said...

I have been wanting it for agessss but was too stingy to pay full price and I shall have a looksy that's a good idea for a challenge! x