Sunday, 25 August 2013

Nails update

I do my nails A LOT and i wish i had time to blog about them all but alas i don't! you should follow me on instagram @amytibble as i always post any nail art of there :). I thought i would do a post with my recent nails and if you have any questions on how to do them just comment below but ill give a brief description anyways.

This my most recent. I got some nail brushes so experimented with lines and i also kept seeing nail art with what looked like the use of pictures so i thought i'd have a go with some roses :) I used all essie for this, i just love essie the formula is pefect.

Above i used the new seventeen rock hard couture nail effects and i finally did some stamping successfully! The stamping set i have is from poundland so its kinda hard to use but i was really happy with these nails and if your on a budget but want to try stamping its perfect! but make sure you use a nailvarnish that ordinarily only needs just one coat as less opaque ones will not work at all!. The red is essie hip-anema.

For the above i tried out my new 2 true glitterati - the purple/pinky one - with a pastel yellow i got from poundland! this is so simple to do but i think it looks really nice and is something to fall back on when your in a rush!

This is another one i got from poundland in purple rain, I LOVE this kind of colour and its really striking when its worn just plainly like that. 

I also tried out the mua fur effect nails. Nothing against mua they are a super good company i just didnt like the fur effect AT ALL. For some weird reason i just felt like i had a fur ball in my throat all day haha and it just felt weird! so yeah not a lot more i can say about that other than the colour was nice!

so there you have it my recent nails :)

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Jenny Cable said...

Such a great post! The Rimmel colour looks fantastic!