Monday, 26 August 2013

My love for instagram...

I thought i'd do a post about instagram and why i love it so much. At the beginning i really didnt get it at all and just thought the filters were nice but now i post at least twice a day, normally way more. I love how you can interact with people and just show images of stuff you love or that your excited about and have people see it whom have a common interest with the use of hashtags ect.

For example i love nail varnish so i get soooo much nail art inspiration from instagram and if im looking for a new polish i can just search the hashtag of the brand and see swatches and what the polish actually looks like. I know you can do this on google but its just not the same!

I love photography and i love how social its become. I'm kinda nosey so seeing someones life through a diary of pictures is really interesting to me and looking through my own pictures and remembering how i felt on that day is also something i really treasure. I'm much more of a visual person and feel like i can express myself and my life in that way and its nice to have something to look back on.

Compared to other social media, facebook in particular, i find it much more accepting of people, i know horrible things are said ect but personally i haven't experienced it with instagram, to me its just a visual diary that people may or may not like or comment on but aren't judgmental and that's really nice, i feel like in my own little corner of instagram i can be myself and post 5 pictures of sunsets in a row if i want to without having some nasty comment about how boring it is being said.

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