Saturday, 31 August 2013

Mac lipstick in rebel review

Hi guys! i couldnt wait to review this i was too excited! I have wanted a mac lipstick, well anything more high end but a mac lipstick in particular for SO LONG and as i'd lost 12 pounds i thought i'd treat myself.
i have to say i didnt actually spend that long looking for a shade as i saw rebel on someones blog - cant remember who's sorry! and then googled it to see what it looked like on the lips ect and i fell in love. I did also use the mac website shade picker thing where you pick a shade and it shows you all the products close to it and surprise surprise rebel was a match so in my opinion this lipstick and i is fate!

I purchased mine from debenhams as previously said and the delivery was super quick so thats a plus straight off. It's £15 so to some that might not be extortionate but for me i never usually spend that much unless its like a 3 for 2 thing (maybelline super stay lipstick which is £8.99 so even then a fair bit less and with a 3 for 2 you feel like your getting a fair deal). I thought i guess you pay for the name but i've never had a lipstick like it, now i really know what pigmented is! I am in love with this colour it is gorgeous! It's like the colour i've been unknowingly searching for if you look back to my lipsticks i love post this is like a hybrid version of them all! application is easy, you can just feel the quality. I'd say its nearer a matte finish, it actually states satin, but it does feel kinda creamy on the lips and a lot less drying than other mattes/lipsticks i've tried. All in all although £15 is a lot for a lipstick to me i am so so so so happy i brought it and can't wait to wear it when i go to pennyhill park tomorrow to celebrate my brothers birthday! Below is a swatch of rebel on my lips...

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Jemimah A said...

best lipstick everrr