Saturday, 24 August 2013

L'ORÉAL skin perfection 3 in 1 purifying micellar solution REVIEW

I swear this stuff must of been made by angels or something, when people say it dissolves make-up it literally does. I've never used something that takes off make-up as well as this does and my skin feels really refreshed after wards and it is perfect for my sometimes senstive skin. Using other products like this i would tend to get tingly skin and it would tend to go a bit red however with this one i get no reaction at all yay! It definitely is perfect for sensitive skin with it being hypo-allergenic.

I really like the packaging of this as well it just looks nice which drew me to it as well as all the blogs I've read saying how amazing it is! I must be honest i didn't really have a firm skin routine before but now with this i use it morning and night - i don't know how i lived without it!! and the fact it had money off in superdrug was a bonus! obviously i then brought two!

My skin has felt so much better since using this. It just feels healthier and i think looks a lot better along with it making me use my moisturisers ect i am finally getting into some kind of skin care routine!

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