Friday, 16 August 2013

Lipsticks i LOVE

So you can kinda see there is a pattern in the kind of colour and brand of lipstick i love. You may even think why on earth i have so many that are near identical but i swear they are different!! aha. I have about 15 different lipsticks in a variety of brands but these 6 are my favourites.

I love the kiko shade 87 as it feels really nice on my lips which is really important! and makes them feel moisturised and is just a gorgeous shade. Plus it reminds me of my trip to berlin which i loved as thats where i got it!

Maybelline super stay 24 color in wildberry has made the list as it is without a doubt my go to night out lippy. I hate leaving the house with amazing makeup to then look in the mirror in the loos and find your lipstick has disappeared but this beauty has staying power! and by staying power i mean its still on my lips the morning after and i have to fight to get it off. Again i love this kind of colour of lippy, in general i love that kinda berry colour so it really is the perfect night out lippy.

All the No7 lippys have made the list as all of them make my lips feel moisturised, do not dry them out, have good staying power and are all super great shades. The No7 moisture drench in Blush lipstick is one that i will wear all day every day as it is a great match to my natural lip colour but it just gives you that extra bit to really finish off your look, I have been looking for an everyday one for ages and i am so happy i found this one! it is literally perfect. The moisture drench lipsticks are more matte than the lip crayon which is more satin and then the sheer temptation which is a lot more glossy. But yeah i LOVE them all and i love No7 in general because i can suffer with sensitive skin but with No7 i don't really need to worry as its all hypo-allergenic which is great!

Never done lipstick swatches before, to me looking at my lips close up six times is super weird haha but i hope this helps anyone looking for a new lipstick :) I guess the kind of raspberry tone is more for autum/winter but i dont really care for seasons i wear it all year round as i feel its the shade that most suits my complexion.


LyndseyJ said...

I really like the Maybelline Wildberry on you it is gorgeous xx

Amy Tibble said...

Thank you! It's probably my fav :)