Monday, 12 August 2013

last two days buys

So i've kinda gone a bit mental on the while shopping front but i did some extra hours at work so damn-it ima enjoy myself! i got such a good haul from poundland! they had Calvin klein eyeshadow!! I had a lovely chilled out day (bar the disgusting hangover at the beginning) lay in, shopping, littlewoods parcels arrived :D and then i spent some time with my twin :)

These are from sunday during my break at work. The nivea showergel smells devine and has oil in so is super moisturising. Then we have the garnier bb cream for oily skin - so far used this once but i am so so so happy i got it, it has great coverage and my skin looks great! thanks to amy for the recommendation! Next is a product i've been wanting the try for a while, the nivea in shower moisturiser so ill let you know if thats any good and then we have loreal eye and lip makeup remover that i have read about many times and is meant to be really good and the 3in1 skin perfection that i have also read amazing things about and have just tried and my skin feels amazing! so i highly recommend also!...

 These are my superdrugs buys from today. I swear by the migraine relief tablets as im really prone to them and not much works and i normally have to use a couple of my mums tablets but these really do! Also got a super nice glittery 2true nail varnish i saw a swatch of the other day, the colours are sooo nice! and two lip and cheek tints ive been after for a while also 2true, 3 for £5 couldnt say no! and just some generic cotton wool pads as i get through them like no ones business!
This is my AMAZING poundland haul! Left to right first we have a gorgeous pastel yellow outdoor girl nail varnish, then 3 Calvin Klein cream eyeshadows - I've just tried out the purple one and it feels lovely on - some creams can feel abit heavy but this is so light, the colour is lush and over all im really happy with them! Then we have the rimmle wake me up radiant rose instant radiance shimmer touch - i think its for your cheeks well thats where i will be putting it and for a pound this is ridiculous as its on sale in superdrugs still at £4.99! and then we have a really cute pink heart top coat which i've been looking for for a while and at a pound its a pretty good bargain!!

and then today from boots i got these beautys! a heavy duty hand balm cause its always nice to have soft hands and as flexitol are highly regarded for their foot stuff im pretty positive this will really work, especially in winter and it was on offer! then we have a couple of face marks that were also on offer, one for read and sensitive skin and the other for oily and spot prone skin and they are like weekly treatments so im looking forward to my next pamper day! and then garnier perfect blur - i apply this every time so needed a new one and it was also on offer! got some amazing bargains today!

And now im currently munching on strawberries and meringue and all im saying is M&S you have out done yourself!

So yeah lots to review for you guys so hopefully i should have some reviews of products up on wesnesday as i have over-time at work tomorrow and really need to do some dissertation reading!!

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