Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Glossy box vs Birchbox, which one to choose?!

So i've been looking into this for a while and only now have i decided which one to go for - Glossybox and i'll tell you for why. Its the simple fact that they had a deal on - you could buy two boxes for £12 as a one off, which really interested me as i could kinda sample what it was gunna be like and when they are normally £10 each - bargain and i thought this is the sort of company i like! and watching youtube vids of people getting there boxes i just thought glossybox seemed more for me than birchbox. The glossybox website just seemed brighter compared to birchbox and had a younger vibe and from comparing previous boxes glossybox had more stuff i would like. Even the word glossy draws me to it! it just seems more for me. So its a subscription service for those who dont know and you basically get one box a month, its £10 a month and the box has full/sample size products so you can try all sorts of stuff and the boxes are beautiful and who doesnt like getting presents in the mail!

Here is what i am getting for my £12! so im pretty excited about trying out all the products that come with these boxes and it will kinda give me a preview of what to expect over the coming months.

I've kinda decided to go for this as its always nice to have something to look forward to. I also love trying out new things and glossybox will include stuff i wouldnt ordinarily get the chance to try and if i dont like anything it's not a big deal! Also when i shop in boots or whatever i normally always spend £10 or more so why not spend it on this! It kinda reminds me of the graze boxes i used to get only that was yummy food where as this is wayyyy better as its beauty products! Especially as i am about to enter my third year at uni i feel its important to have a regular pick me up without breaking the bank!

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