Saturday, 10 August 2013

Favourite nail varnish!

So i kinda realised i post so much about nail varnishes and tutorials but i havent actually shared with you my favouites. Above is a video of all my barry m gelly hi-shine polishes. Kinda like woahhhh when i sorted through all my varnishes recently (and put them in rainbow order obviously) at how many i actually have!! but yeah as you can kinda tell the barry m gelly hi-shine varnish is just one of my fav's in general and ill tell you for why!
1. the coverage is great, most only need one coat, less vivid colours need two but hey they are beautiful colours who cares!
2. moving onto the colours, they have a really nice range and by nice i mean i have every one bar two!! They are all pretty bold, even the more pastel shade colours really stand out and thats what i love
3. they are not called hi-shine for no reason, the shine on them is so lush! definitely shinier than the normally barry m nail varnish so they arent a company that falsely claim either!

I love barry m in general, they have amazing effects ranges and have really out there colours which was what drew me to them all those years ago. I have OPI, jessica, revlon, sally hansen ect but i still love barry m the best, maybe even over essie or they are very close firsts.

Next brand crush is essie. Before i refused to pay £7.99 for a polish, like it cant be that good right but since then i have found them on for £1.99 only select colours, im guessing they are probably a few seasons ago but don't quote me on that im not sure! but the quality is just beautiful and fragrance direct have GREAT customer service. In the video above of course i have sorted them out into rainbow order, are all the essie polish i own. If i were to pick a couple of favourites it would probably be 'off the shoulder' 'hip-anema' and 'bikini so teeny' okay so i couldn't even just pick two! and to be honest 'go ginza' has to be in my favs as well! i did swatches of them in this blog post.

I've also recently found sinful colours and did swatches of the ones i have here i mean the price is ridiculous! £1.99 from boots and the colours are gorgeous so these are up there in my favs especially the glitter 'frenzy' it is my fav glitter to use all over my nails!

so yeah thats my favs! PLEASE follow me on bloglovin! and i hope you like the little changes to the blog being able to click on the catagories, a new about me, instagram link ect - i have spent a lot of time on it today! should of been doing uni work but i got distracted!


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