Monday, 26 August 2013

canvas tea stain tutorial

Hi Guys :), i thought i'd do a little d.i.y tutorial as i haven't done one in ages and have been planning this one for a long while! Basically i love quotes, i think if you surround yourself with positive energy it will rub off on how you feel so that's kinda what i do! In my room i have a huge hand painted section of wall with quotes on, as well as a chalkboard wall with quotes on and various other things - i even have quotes tattooed! So i wanted to share with you a tutorial that is super easy and really cheap!

Canvas - i got a set of three from wilkinsons for £4
some form of paint brush
stamping set (i got mine from here) which came with ink for £11.95

First of all i put a layer of tea onto my canvas and waited for it to dry. I then put another layer on, waited for it to dry and continued this until i got a canvas with varying shades of tea stain i was happy with.

I then waited until the canvas was touch dry (i advise waiting over night to guarantee no colour bleeding) and stamped the quote of my choice and hey presto you have a custom quote canvas that can lift your spirts every day and look good in any room.
I love the above quote 1. its from harry potter and 2. it really reminds me that no matter how bad i feel or think a situation is, it will always get better and i can make it better through positive thinking and actions to help me through. 

I found this quote online (no idea who's it is?!) and its really helped me through trying to loose weight as it reminds that i need to remember that i want to change and when i remember that the things around me will fall into place and i can do it!

so those are mine, any questions just comment :), i hope you give it a try!

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