Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Today's shopping trip and nails

So i woke up today, had a meeting with the bank and was feeling pretty happy with myself after finally cutting ties with barclays (i really wouldn't advise their student account but that's a whole other story!) and decided to do some retail therapy :)

I LOVE instagram, so alot of the pictures i post will no doubt be from there (instagram name amytibble if you want to follow) Above are my purchases from today, i did also buy an emery board but that's not so interesting!

Believe it or not accessorize makeup is pretty awesome, haven't used my new eye shadow yet but i have had eye shadows from them before and their staying power is pretty incredible so i would highly recommend! I also brought sterling silver earrings because i have had my ears pierced since forever it feels like but i never actually bother to wear earrings all the time, its only very seldom i do, so i got some sterling silver ones as i have sensitive ears and i am going to proactively wear them all the time!! as its nice to have pretty ears aha

Now as i work for boots i feel like such a traitor but i went in their specifically for NYC as boots don't sell that brand. the NYC nail varnish i have previously used goes on so well, not gloopy (is that a word?! i think i mean thick) at all and you generally only need one or two coats so your not sat there for hours painting your nails which is great for me, these two in particular are part of their foil effects range. I also brought a maybelline colour show nail varnish in fuchsia fever as its from their neon range and trust me it looks sooo much nicer in person, even though it still looks like a lush colour in that picture! so ill talk about that more in a bit as that is the colour i did my nails with today. I am a sucker for a recommendation and as i was looking at the maybelline stuff a member of staff said about the new maxfactor mascara and how it was currently on offer at £4.99 and how the shape of the brush gave a lovely fan effect, so obviously i had to buy that too!!

Todays nails...

Again another image from instagram! but hey i love instagram! so above is the maybelline and 2true nail varnishes i used, the 2true being for the glitter. I also used a sally hansen top coat called insta-dri that just makes the nailvarnish dry that much quicker, especially if your doing quite a few layers of nail varnish.
So for the maybelline colour show thats about 4 coats to make it really vibrant, more coats than i would like to put on but its such a lush colour.
I then proceeded to add glitter to the tops of each nail. I much prefer this style as its something slightly different to the generic adding something to the bottom of the nails and i love me some glitter! this glitter is particularly good as its ratio of different sized sequins and variation of blue and green comes out well.
I then applied the sally hansen insta-dri top coat making the nails touch dry within 30 seconds and id say maybe 15 mins max to be completely dry. This top coat is such a life saver for me as i love doing gradients and leopard effect so to have something that can dry the nails quicker really helps make sure i dont mess my nails up after spending so long on them!

i have SO MANY products i want to share so just bare with me while i get this blog on the road!

and i would just like to add, to make the image of the two nail varnishes square i didn't actually post them on instagram, i used an app called abeautifulmess that is AMAZING so search it on the app store (currently for apple only atm but is being developed to be released on android) It basically lets you resize the images into a square, you can add effects, the most beautiful text and doodles its just fab, also you MUST check out their blog if you havent seen it already abeautitfulmess.com it is just the most beautifully made blog by emma, elise and their contributors and it feels me with so much inspiration i can spend hours reading it! Its full of recipes, diy ideas, photo ideas, everything lifestyle you could think of.

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