Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sinful Colors


so after a day full of sorting out books for my dissertation, making time tables yawn yawn! I wanted to make a post about my love of Sinful Colours, a brand I've recently found out about from boots online (they do stock sinful colours in some boots store - just use the store locator to find out if there's one near you Locate nearest stockist by clicking here!! :). I was skeptical i have to admit as these nail varnishes are only £1.99 and with buy one get one half price at the moment and my discount they are ridiculously cheap but i was so so surprised!!

I find some cheap nail varnishes can sometimes be a bit thick when applying but not with these ones, they apply just as good as my essie nail varnishes if not better and the colours are to die for! fun fact: Sinful Colors is an american brand hence the spelling of colors where as us brits spell it colours. I went a bit buying crazy when i found them in a store near me so this is gunna be a long ole post!

Months ago i brought a pack of 100 plain false nails but have never got round to using them as falsies tend to just annoy me so i thought they would be perfect to show case the colours instead of painting all of my nails a gazillion times! please excuse the use of spaghetti that I've used to stick them to - i had no cocktail sticks! but its a good thing to use if they me you haven't got cocktail sticks to hand.

 so to the left we have the sinful colors in 24/7 this is a super bright pink neon, the picture does not do its brightness justice! its like radio active and is a perfect solution to join the neon fashion band wagon without spending a fortune. It kinda has a matte effect to it - not sure if that was intentionally from sinful colors as its not in their matte range but the effect is really nice. I used one liberally spread coat for this so in real terms i would think you'd need two coats.
 This one is called boom boom, its a really nice pink and although the name would suggest it was super bright its actually just a really nice hot pink - a staple for any girl! again as with all the nail varnishes here bar the glitters i used one liberally spread coat so in real terms on your nails i would use two to get the same effect.
This is such a beautiful colour!! its called tokyo pearl, if you can be inlove with a nail varnish i think i am. I have plenty of whites in my collection but this is like white but silver but not silver and not white?!?! if that makes sense - the only word that springs to mind to describe it is magical, ah its just occured to me - i can liken it to the pearlescent white that seems to be the fashion with new cars recently, it is lush!!

 I seem to really like neutral colours at the moment and this one is perfection, its called easy going and is a mixture between skin tone and dusty pink and it seriously looks so so nice on. Again with all the sinful colors it goes on so smoothly and gives you a really nice finish even if your nails aren't completely smooth.
 I have a couple of yellows in my collection but i wanted something a little less pastel like in colour and this does the job perfectly. Its called let's meet and has a really slight pearlescent look amount it without being too overpowering. The picture really doesn't do it justice! can i just add all of these pictures were taken on my phone which will be the case for most things just because of ease so i can get down to actually writing about it quicker!
 now with this colour talk about show stopping! its called daredevil and is super super bright with a very slight pearlescent effect. Like the neon pink this one has a kind of matte effect and to me is also neon its just a deeper pink - if you want to catch someones attention with your nails this is the shade for you!
 I also seem to be drawn to green nail varnishes atm and when i saw this green glitter i couldnt say no. I haven't actually seen any glitter this kind of colour from any other brand but this is the kind of green i love! Its called call you later and unlike some glitters i find it really easy to remove. I know with barry m for example i really have to scrub to get it off but this glitter was a lot easier to remove. I used two coats above to get more of a block colour but if you wanted less of an effect just use one or more to make it stand out even more!
 I saw this particular glitter on instagram and had to know what it was! i am so so happy they had it at my local boots stockists of sinful colors because it is gorgeous. blue and purple just go so well together! Its called frenzy. There's a really good ratio between the colours and like with the green above it looks great over nail varnish or as a block colour by itself. I think glitters are great because they are actually really versitile and can be used just to embellish the top or bottom of your nails with another colour, completely over the top of an other colour lightly or as a block colour to really go all out and get your nails noticed.
 This nail varnish just reminds me of the sea at a beautiful exotic island far far away. This colour is called love nails - and it certainly does! It may seem weird but i always seem to have connections between nail varnish and feelings like if im feeling happy ill pick a super bright colour to match my mood, could just be me but hey my mums always said im weird aha :)

 I love this lime green! its called innocent and just has such a lovely tone to it. You can get some greens like this that are just way too bright but this one is a happy medium in my opinion. Again like all the others it goes on like a dream and would work really well with the green glitter above to create some exotic looking nail art for the summer.
 This colour is called exoctic green and that it certainly is - it reminds me of the luscious leaves of an evergreen. Its probably not for everyone but as i mentioned before I'm really into green at the moment and its a great colour if you want something a bit different that people may not of really seen before.

Another thing to add, i love the names sinful colors uses for these nail varnish - just adds that bit extra instead of just pink, green, blue ect. Call me later springs to mine, i just think its funny and i can picture the process - oh people wear glitter on a night out well called it call me later aha - probably nothing like that but that's what i picture in my head aha :) 

This post took forever so i hope its of some help and it really show cases my variation of different colours i love. Ill have to put up some pics of my whole collection soon, i think you will be shocked aha

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