Friday, 12 July 2013

products i 'couldn't live without'

I thought id tell you about some products i absolutely love! these are the types of products you see an advert for telling you they do a manor of glorious things - you buy them - and then they actually do!!

These HAVE to be the best thing ever ever invented they are kinda like wax strips but specially shaped for your eyebrows. Now i cannot bare tweezing it literally makes me cry so yes this is painful but its over in seconds and you have a perfectly shaped set of brows on the cheap! these beauties are £1.99 from superdrug and you can purchase them here! now it takes a couple of goes to get the hang of it but its really easy and if your a bit of a wuss just get someone that doesn't like you much to rip them off! i have to say i love doing my twin-sisters haha. They came with really good instructions but the key thing to remember is to take them off in the opposite direction in which the hair is growing so it really takes it off!

This is a product that i saw the advert for and got totally sucked in! Its the Garnier 5 sec perfect blur and im telling you it really does 'blur' i maybe wouldn't of picked that word but it makes your skin feel SO SO SO soft and smooth and its an amazing base for makeup. I think i brought it for £9.99 as it was on offer - still its at boots!! normally price £12.99. Now you may think holy cow that's pricey but it really really does make your skin feel amazing. I put some of this on my skin and ill happily go out makeup free - it makes your skin looks so good (to be honest i go out make up free a lot its always good to have some off days to give your skin a break but if unlike me the thought of that terrifies you, try this! your skin will be glowing and so will your confidence) It was one of those days i just thought sod it and brought it and im so glad i did! now its my number one thing to have on my skin!

This little gem is a life saver. Its the barry m nail paint corrector pen, i brought this from superdrug for £4.99 but was part of a 3 for 2. I've recently started trying out gradients on my nails and to do this i use a makeup sponge and to get it all on the nail it also goes all around your nails!! so this little pen is the perfect thing to quickly clean up around my nails without running them all trying to get it off with a cotton wool pad. If you love nail art or arent so great at getting nail varnish just on your nails! its a must have.

If i get a spot this little guy is who i go to ASAP as when i get a spot, which to be honest is seldom, it really is a big one! so this little gem sorts me right out and quick! its the clean and clear advantage spot treatment gel. Now it says it works in 4 hours i think that's a little optimistic but if i put it on before i go to bed when i wake up its definitely a lot better. I actually found this in the pound shop!! which i was amazed at and it really is the real deal. They do all sorts of treatment gels like this so if like me you do sometimes get the odd troublesome spot this is definitely the thing you should be going for to sort it out quickly instead of face washes ect that will take a lot more time - these gel type treatments get right to the source!

This stuff is great, expensive (£18) but great. I have an uneven skin tone and can get reddish skin around my chin, cheeks and nose and this stuff really helps to calm it down and even out my skin tone. I don't use it everyday only when i notice my skin getting bad so yes its £18 but for me it really really lasts.

Last but not least - my go to foundation! I love this stuff. Its beautifully matte foundation in calico. I got my skin tone specially matched at the boots i go to and as i have oily skin this was the one i went for to keep it at bay as its something that really bugs me! This foundation works a treat, its really long lasting, has a really nice even finish, matches perfectly with my complexion and has spf! so is protecting my face in the sun. Most importantly its hypo-allergenic so i know i wont get a reaction as my skin can have its moments of being sensitive. I seriously advise you to get your skin match made as its the best way to get a foundation that is the perfect shade and a foundation that is going to work with your skin type with the help of the beauty advisors.

I also cant live without mascara or eyeliner but I've told you about my fav ones of those already :) so if you take anything away from this its that looking after your skin is important and you need to work with your skin tone and type not against it!

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