Thursday, 11 July 2013

on the go

so when i don't really have much time to do my makeup i have a few go to products that i use all the time when im in a rush so i thought i would share with you what they are :)

so first up we have the seventeen eye palette called enchanted smoke. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this eye palette as you can do so many combos and if i really haven't got time ill just put on the gold/pinky/purple colour (looks super nice in the light as its like those cars that change colour) and it still looks good with minimal effort!

Then we have my go to eyeliner - No7 amazing eyes pencil in black, this is the old packaging as they had a refit but if you do get the new one make sure to just sharpen it first (i know it already is but there's some coating on it i think that makes it really hard for some reason but with a quick sharpen its fine) This eye liner goes on really well and when i dont have enough time to faff around with liquid liner its a great alternative as its still really bold and has staying power. If i cant find this one i normally just use any eyeliner i can find - such makes as dainty doll, avon, barry m - all do really nice eye liners! my eyes literally feel naked without any on! i normally just add a bit to the outer corners of my eyes to add some definition as i think it makes my eyes appear bigger.

Next we have the seventeen blush and glow in 'in bloom' and with this i don't even use a brush! i just get the blusher, smile and wipe it over each cheek a couple of times and blend in with my fingers - i find this works best as theres more of a definition between the bronzer and blush but it isn't in your face - just a nice natural looking glow which is perfect for me as my skin is so pale!!

last but not least we have my favourite mascara at the moment as previously mentioned. It really gives your lashes that length you want without being clumpy and works with just one coat and has great staying power.

I only just realised after taking the picture these are ALL boots products but as i said before i work for boots and i really do love what we sell. Seventeen and No7 as amazing brands and stand up on their own against other leading brands because they really are that good. 

so there you have it thats my daily routine! you may be wondering wheres the foundation, cover stick ect but generally if im in a rush i dont use any foundation and if i have blemishes i just use my No7 cover stick. If i do wear foundation i use No7 beautifully matte in Calico as i can get really bad shiney skin and this foundation is perfect for keeping that at bay and stays on all day. I also use the No7 mousse foundation in ivory (don't go as light as calico in this one) if i just want really light coverage as its really smooth and goes on well but has slightly less staying power than the beautifully matte.

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