Friday, 12 July 2013

my day

so today for some reason i just felt happy! :) and thought i would share some pictures of my day! My uncle came round to chop up this huge tree trunk that has been in our garden for a while and its finally gone yipee! Now others may think this is sad but i love buying flowers... for me! aha just like i like having some greenery - easier not to kill - having flowers around is even better! and then we have a picture of my sweet sweet grandma that my cousin posted - it is so so lovely to see her smiling and warms my heart. Then we have Linda the meerkat - so i kinda like meerkats a lot, all stems from the compare the meerkat advert im afraid i actually have one of those, maiya, and one on the way in the post :D. Last but not least my fortune cookie i got from the chinese - my sister actually brought me dinner!! so yummy food and a fortune that couldn't of come at a better time as its really relevant to my life at the moment. So that's some of my day in pictures!

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