Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Lulworth cove, monkey world and getting burnt!

I had such a lovely day on monday, road trip down to lulworth cove, dorset and then walking round monkey world - one of my fav places as i love monkeys!!

Its a bit of a trek down to the beach at lulworth but the views and beach are INCREDIBLE, its like your in a foreign country with the crystal clear waters and amazing views.

Above are a few phone pics from lulworth cove (I'm going to do another post on my photography blog with my dslr pictures so check out if your interested). I really cant rate the iphone 5 camera enough, for a tiny little thing with the right light you really can get amazing results and the panorama setting is awesome.

I went with my twin-sister and its always nice to just spend a whole day together as its a rare occasion, but lovely when it happens! We used to argue like cats and dogs when it were little - that's changed a bit now!

Lulworth cove and durdle door are literally the most scenic beaches i have ever ever been to. Now im not really one for water of any sort as i have a huge phobia - especially of swimming pools having nearly drowned a couple of times! but this beach was different, as its a cove you feel a lot safer and the water is so clear and beautiful you can see what your getting into! i just had a paddle but its lovely on a SUPER HOT day to sit on a rock, feet in a crystal clear sea and just think wow life is beautiful. I hate hate hate the heat but the views kinda canceled out the feeling of wanting to pass out tryna climb up the ridiculous steps and hills on the way back to the car!

Now before i go on to show you cute pictures of monkeys i wanted to talk sun protection! I got burnt on my face!! I did put foundation on with spf but it was that hot it just slide off so my advice is to put pride aside and liberally slap a high spf and high uva rated sun protection on your face as it is so sensitive and bloody hurts when you burn it! and also when your sun protection tells you to apply every two hours really pay attention to it! as it needs to be topped up to remain effective! as my sister learnt because she got a lovely bright red back with some impressive tan lines! Also you dont need to go for the expensive brands! i got boots own value sun lotion factor 50 (£2.99) and after sun (£1.99) and they are absolutely fine! i was watching a program tonight - super scrimpers - and you just need to make sure that it has a high enough spf for where your going and has the uva logo - preferably with a five star rating but 3 stars is the accepted minimum. From the testing on the show the tescos value sun lotion actually came out on top at 75p per 100ml in comparison to its equivalent garnier sun lotion. So pay attention to spf and uva rating and you'll be fine, just because they are cheaper doesn't make the spf any less effective what so ever!

SO! onto monkey world. I LOVE this place. The monkeys are so cute and its amazing to see them up close and how a like to us they really are! This little girl was looking at a monkey right up at the window picking its nose and then when the monkey had had enough at being looked at he punched the window to scare the little girl and wandered off to another window to pick his nose in peace! it was hilarious.

These are some of the pics i got on my phone, more will be on my photography blog from my dslr as mentioned above if your interested! (not up at the moment but check tomorrow or next day should be up, even if i do say so myself i managed to get some awesome pics of the monkeys!) If you love monkeys i really suggest you go, it is the most amazing place to go see them and you can get really close and see their behaviours and how many different varieties there are! you can also go into a lemur enclosure so they are literally right next to you! it is incredible!!            

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